Friday, 12 August 2016

Top 1 Sign That Tells You That Blue Chip is Dying Off

It was a fruitful session last week, as I conducted a 1-1 session with a passionate lady. I used Ezion as a classic example to show her why the stock was bearish since the beginning of this year when it was trading at 0.50+. Today the stock just tumbled to a low of 0.295, without any form of major support. A once glory blue chip at the peak 1.53+ to now a penny stock, it tells me that nothing is safe in the stock market and nothing will always rise forever. Life is the same, there are ups and there are downs. The most important thing to remember is during your peak period, capitalize on it as much as possible and when you feel that you have reached your pinnacle, step down and let the younger generation take over.

A lot of people know me as a stock trader but I bet none knew that I used to be a pauper too. Over the years, I have learnt a lot of real life examples from the stock market. The market is like my teacher and whenever I hit some roadblocks, it will teach me a lesson about life and trading. For example, most students when they have a question about trading/stocks, they would seek for my opinion and I would normally help them out. However in my situation, when I have doubts or questions about certain stocks, I have nobody to ask but the teacher itself. When I trade and lost money, I know my answer from the market, but when I made $ from it, I know my doubt was correct, that's how I learnt over the years, self independence, self reliance.

From there, I also learnt that stocks will always have glory moments and then there will be a shift of paradigm where the stock suffered some profit taking first followed by more heavy sell down. Nothing is indispensable like what most people thought the blue chips were all mighty. I learnt and understand that to succeed in life be it trading or other business, one has to adapt to changes because the world is changing very fast with a very fast pace. If you cannot move with changes, you will be obsolete in no matter of time. In the stock market perspective, what was once considered a heavy weight will soon one day be taken over by other growth stocks. In the next millennium, it's won't be the blue chips that will dominate anymore but rather small fundamentally good stocks that will have rooms to growth. Compared Keppel Corp, CityDev, Yangzijiang etc to the now Acromec, MM2 and Jumbo, you will see for yourself who is rising and who is declining.

Luckily for me, I am not a stubborn person in the stock market and I embrace adaptation and changes. That's my secret to success and more importantly, I found a way to look out for stocks that can germinate and then grow. To me blue chips is for trading purposes and not for buy and hold type. I would rather park my funds into good growth stocks but the problem is growth stocks sometimes need to be patient on waiting. I had found one growth stocks and will be hoping onto the bandwagon soon, how about you?

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Invest Fair 2016 - A Two Day Talk by Ronald K

Invest Fair 2016 this year has a lot of keynote and famed speakers. The crowd was usually huge and I believe everyone brought back something, be it a knowledge or an idea of the overall market. I conducted a simple talk on my booth and shared how to invest wisely on growth stocks, not trading but investments. As I am blogging now, today is such a bad day for the SG market underlying stocks, but the STI index moved higher instead. It validates what I see on a day to day basis on not correlating markets and stocks. See individual stocks is the most important. I will be sharing more tonight for those who are attending my talk later.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lee Ah Moi Donation - Giving Back

The weather was very dark today and it suddenly had a heavy down pour. Actually 2 weeks back, I had been already preparing to do some donation to the old folks right at lee ah moi again but the problem was the goods were not delivered to the supplier where they had some shortage of daily products and hence I have to wait. Today finally, the goods arrived and the moment I received a call, I made my way down because I know finally the old folks will be well taken care of.

It had been sometime since I updated this blog. I decided to take a small break in my trading and investments since the market was tough. I want to go for a holiday and relax myself but I also want to make sure there are enough daily products for the old folks before I leave. Well, now that everything is in place and after my invest fair next this week, I will jolly well take a good break. I will be doing the next donation once I come back, so if you are interested, just let me know.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Ronald K @ Sunday Times - Growth Stocks Searching

Got featured in Sunday Times yesterday. It was my 2nd time in 2 years and I am pleased to share my experience and philosophy in trading and investments. While I am working hard to continue to search for good growth stocks, I am also equally carefully about hopping in at the right timing. I am taking some new initiatives and new projects next year and I am working really hard to make it happen and hence my time for blogging maybe reduced. One of the growth stocks is currently in the Top Volume, can you spot it?

news source:

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Vard - Ran @ Opening, Profits Booked

This is as good as it gets! Vard ran after my pre open prediction in the morning @ 8:52am!! Click and see my morning post below.

The buy sell queue looks bullish while the market depth was also strong and beautifully setup and everything points towards the bullishness I saw at 8:52am. Then I saw, Vard actually released a news last evening which made it even more convincing to book and lock in profits. They say buy on rumors and sell on news and that's exactly what happened now. :)

Vard subsidiary wins $16 mil UK contract
Source: TheEdge Markets | Publish date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016, 06:53 PM | >> Read article in News website
SINGAPORE (July 12): Vard Holdings, the designer of offshore specialised vessels, has won an NOK 100 million ($15.9 million) engineering and electrical installation contract for a polar research vessel under construction for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) of the UK.

I will share more next Tuesday on my Whatsapp Talkshow on how to use market depth to trade this ship.

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Vard - Bullish Setup

I am bullish on Vard today. The stock looks like it's going to have some run soon. I don't know what is the price to enter but I depend heavily on market conditions and timing. If a stock is about to run, any price is ok for me as timing is a critical aspect of my trading plan. I see upside coming. Do note that this is my personal view and do not trade if it's risky. Do your due diligence and trade at your own risk. I will share more of my analysis next Tuesday in my Whatsapp Talkshow.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

My Portfolio Investment - One Stock, Up $105,000 in Profits

It was a pretty hectic day for me yesterday with not only watching the market for big movements, but also I was sharing my investment strategies to a group of passionate investors. While watching the market, I took a quick look at my current portfolio and my investment is already up $105,000 in just a mere 3 weeks. Many wanted to know which stock I bought, but I prefer to keep low profile until the trade is over. Over the years, I have heard too many stories about investors diversifying into many stocks and some stocks performed while others were in unrealized losses. It was upon hearing these stories and hearsay beliefs of what others do, I decided that I prefer to keep my focus and concentration into just 1 stock. Why? Because if that stock is going to run and I had done my homework since months back, then when the moment presents, I should be whacking it big instead of playing other counters. That's my secret to success, get ready, don't tense and let the game come to you.

While buying lunch for my team, we were discussing on the next hot stock for next week. I believe we found one but as usual, timing is very crucial and hence we are in watching mode for that right moment to come. I did a LIVE video yesterday sharing a stock and why is the stock not bad. Click and watch my video above. Coming next week, I will be doing a LIVE trading too, so for those who already registered, this is your chance to see how I pick stocks and go for the kill, don't miss it. For those who not yet registered, kindly click and register below.

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