Monday, 24 October 2016

Year End Window Dressing - Don't Miss The Next Run

The year is coming to an end and very soon, it will be Nov then Dec. I am proud to say that at least for this whole year, my time was not wasted as I was busy teaching and trading. The hot penny season 2 weeks ago was just simply hot and I did not waste any opportunities but made some good trades out of it. The only downside was I went on vacation on the wrong timing and hence did not whack big on those stocks. But well, nevertheless, I still got the job done and made $ out of it. Trading and teaching is so much more fun and interactive with my beloved students when we watch the market and study the Top Volume carefully collectively as a team.

Just last week, I conducted a LIVE Trading session and those who came at least I am proud to say they took back something on my observation skills if not some technical skills like scripts collection. The coming months I will be mostly in holiday mode and may not conduct so much LIVE Trading but well, if I can find time, I will definitely do my best to host one. The penny season has tampered off a little and opportunities were reduced but I am confident that there will be a second leg run soon and that's where I want to capitalize and maximize my winnings during the bull run. I don't know when but am watching for the turning point closely. During this period of time, I am also shopping for clothes for my next event soon. The event is important and hence it's appropriate to dress casually yet look professional. I am not your usual suit and tie person and may not be the best dressed but as long as I feel comfortable and can pull it off, that's all it matters.

To all my followers and students, thank you all for supporting me all these while and don't miss the next run in the penny stocks because after this last run, you will have to wait for a long long time before the next season is here. Opportunities don't usually knock the door twice and please capitalized on it.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 29 September 2016

AsiaMedic - Poised for Breakout

Asiamedic is poised for a breakout either today, tomorrow or within the Contra period because of some squeezing over the past few days. The stock is ready and the timing is crisp. It has all the essentials of a powerful run and a powerful breakout. I will be watching this counter from now and make sure not to waste opportunities. See the horizontal lines I drew, it makes the range for a powerful demand zone. This is a hot stock but then it's risky because it's a penny stock. Watch it.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 22 September 2016

MBS Suite - A Short Staycation

It was a short stay cation at the MBS Suite this week. After a long period of continuous working and conducting private sessions, I decided that it's time to take a break and it's time for my holiday to start. I am taking my business at a slower pace and focus more on stocks trading because the market is in a super exciting phase where $ can be made in contra. ISR Capital, AsiaMedic, Kris Energy all had superb breakouts in one day where those stocks gain almost 10%-50% in one day which I have to capitalized on it.

It should be a well rested vacation but my mind cannot rest because stocks are really moving fast and time wait for no man. While resting and relaxing, I still think about the market and along the way, I sneaked my way out and conducted more private and personal touches sessions with all my students so that they all can make $. This short stay cation is a happy but not so relaxing one but I believe I have to put work aside soon as I am flying off away from Singapore. The problem with me is I am constantly thinking of helping students and not taking breaks myself. I enjoyed my work and I enjoyed helping others to succeed. Very soon, I will create my next 5 digit student. Stay tune.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Monday, 12 September 2016

Savour - MBS Padang

It was a lovely evening as I spent my day at the MBS padang savoring some of the western food being sold there. The food was not bad but the price was pricey considering the small portions of servings they offer. Well, it's more like "come sample my food for a fixed price" kinda event and the music was too loud to my liking. There were a lot of people and the crowd was mostly younger generations where they were more adventurous, wanting to try new things.

I looked at the MBS building and saw the Casino which reminded me of those days where I frequent the Casino and gamble. I don't know why, maybe it's my age or lost of interest that I don't gamble anymore. I prefer to pursue my interest in other aspects and working on my crafts. Whatever it is, it's a long night where I also saw many people catching Pokemons all over the place. Maybe it's a long weekend and a public holiday, but I am more geared towards waiting for the market to open tomorrow.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 9 September 2016

Off White Singapore - Windows

I was searching for some inspiration for my business and reinventing myself for the new year and decided to visit Off-White Singapore. It's a fashion brand that started by Virgil Abloh where the brand took off into new heights with it's first flagship store in Singapore. The shop is as minimal as it gets and the decoration inside is cemented, raw with an industrial look. Prices are not cheap but then again, it's quality, not quantity and not much marketing.

As I walked around the shop to search for their staple piece, I tried on some of their clothes and they don't suit my style and hence I did not purchase any. However, the interior design itself was able to rejuvenate me and made me think out of the box for my business next year. As it's only September now and my course is already sold off, it will be a game changer for me and my business next year. Watch this blog space.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Monday, 29 August 2016

Bukang Tuna - A Lunch With Employee

It's was a super hot afternoon and the weather is killing most of us because it's so unbearable. So after meeting with a potential partner, I decided to bring one of my employee out for a good lunch. We went to the highly recommended Bukang Tuna where they sell fresh Korean seafood and authentic Korean dishes. I must say it's the first time I am eating a LIVE octopus and the taste of that baby octopus was quite good without any heavy seasonings. Couple with some of their signature dishes and the right ambience, everything was well served which blends perfectly into the food.

Today is a bad day in the market where nothing really moves except the stock I recommended last week which was Keppel Corp showed signs of weakness. Other than that, the rest of the stocks were like dead. I am happy that what I shared on my blog last Saturday materialized today when the market opened at 9am this morning. To be effective and good in the stock market, one needs to know how to pick and select the right counter to play, how to avoid certain days that the market is not moving and how to capitalized on opportunities when the market is moving and not buy/sell any stocks from hearsay. For me at least, I know when to take breaks, when to work harder and of course when to stop. I am satisfied with my skill set with what I accomplished.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 12 August 2016

Top 1 Sign That Tells You That Blue Chip is Dying Off

It was a fruitful session last week, as I conducted a 1-1 session with a passionate lady. I used Ezion as a classic example to show her why the stock was bearish since the beginning of this year when it was trading at 0.50+. Today the stock just tumbled to a low of 0.295, without any form of major support. A once glory blue chip at the peak 1.53+ to now a penny stock, it tells me that nothing is safe in the stock market and nothing will always rise forever. Life is the same, there are ups and there are downs. The most important thing to remember is during your peak period, capitalize on it as much as possible and when you feel that you have reached your pinnacle, step down and let the younger generation take over.

A lot of people know me as a stock trader but I bet none knew that I used to be a pauper too. Over the years, I have learnt a lot of real life examples from the stock market. The market is like my teacher and whenever I hit some roadblocks, it will teach me a lesson about life and trading. For example, most students when they have a question about trading/stocks, they would seek for my opinion and I would normally help them out. However in my situation, when I have doubts or questions about certain stocks, I have nobody to ask but the teacher itself. When I trade and lost money, I know my answer from the market, but when I made $ from it, I know my doubt was correct, that's how I learnt over the years, self independence, self reliance.

From there, I also learnt that stocks will always have glory moments and then there will be a shift of paradigm where the stock suffered some profit taking first followed by more heavy sell down. Nothing is indispensable like what most people thought the blue chips were all mighty. I learnt and understand that to succeed in life be it trading or other business, one has to adapt to changes because the world is changing very fast with a very fast pace. If you cannot move with changes, you will be obsolete in no matter of time. In the stock market perspective, what was once considered a heavy weight will soon one day be taken over by other growth stocks. In the next millennium, it's won't be the blue chips that will dominate anymore but rather small fundamentally good stocks that will have rooms to growth. Compared Keppel Corp, CityDev, Yangzijiang etc to the now Acromec, MM2 and Jumbo, you will see for yourself who is rising and who is declining.

Luckily for me, I am not a stubborn person in the stock market and I embrace adaptation and changes. That's my secret to success and more importantly, I found a way to look out for stocks that can germinate and then grow. To me blue chips is for trading purposes and not for buy and hold type. I would rather park my funds into good growth stocks but the problem is growth stocks sometimes need to be patient on waiting. I had found one growth stocks and will be hoping onto the bandwagon soon, how about you?

Ronald K - A Game Changer