Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Yanlord - Chase and Cut Loss

Just like a normal human, I also have the tendency to chase prices and sometimes because of my itchy hands, I commit some unnecessary trading mistakes. Chased Yanlord earlier and cut loss. I thought it was tanking to only realized that the stock suddenly had a burst of speed and rebounded back up all the way. Lesson learnt. Next time have to be extra careful and vigilant.

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Yanlord - A Long Bar Down

Yanlord just experienced a long bar down! See my bearish post earlier at 9:11am!
Ronald K - A Game Changer

Yanlord - Looks Bearish Intraday

Yanlord looks bearish now for an intraday trade. The stock gap down in the min chart and I think 1.37 cannot hold for long and it's coming down. Watch it. Don't trade if you are not comfortable as it maybe risky.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Natural Cool - Escaped Without Injury

Natural Cool was such a risky and flushy stock as highlighted when I first gave a bullish alert on this blog.

When the stock started to ran with an amazing and copious amount of volume, the market maker would know and combined with the high amount of retailers chasing the price, the stock indeed just ran a few pips from 0.17 to 0.176 on Jan 12th and started to tumbled all the way down.

In the Singapore market, there is easy to trade counters while there are some that are tougher and have to run fast. So I traded Natural Cool with 350 lots on that day and suddenly about 11.25am after my 10:14am post on my blog, the stock started to show some big hands buying with furious amount of volume which was so fast that I have to key in the right size to sell at the right price with no hesitation. The breakout that day was for unloading and NOT for buying which I did managed to unload all 350 lots at an average price of 0.1753.

On the same day, the stock retraced back and on the next day, the big hands send the stock spiraling down and today, it hit a low of 0.145! This is a terror stock with fast speed. If you don't have the heart and enter at the wrong timing, you won't be spared. I'd rather play safe for my personal trading and be alert of big fishes. I will post the next stock for long/short on this blog when I see a good timing. I may not be right all the time so do not enter if you don't know how to see timing or if you cannot take risk.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Natural Cool - Ran with High Volume

So after my blog post earlier, Natural Cool ran! See my earlier bullish post when I posted @ 10:14am 

Natural Cool ran in 1 hour later with high speed, high volume. Congrats to all who went long at 0.169-0.170. If you want to follow me, you can send a request to be added in my Facebook personal forum. I will soon do a meet up session for those who are interested to learn and find out more about stocks. Don't miss it as I will post in that forum.

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Natural Cool - High Risk Penny Stock

Look at the chart of Natural Cool, I think it has chance of breaking higher soon. Watch it closely but do note that it's a risky penny stock.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Jumbo - 32 Million Shares Married Deal, Stock Jumped 0.75 High

Jumbo, a stock that I alerted on this blog at 9:02am to watch for a bullish rebound indeed happened. Today was even amazing because of a 32 million shares married deal before the market opened. The big hands indeed were planning to create a rebound and rally in this counter and the rest was history. I am glad I received many emails on people thanking me that they made $$.

If you would like to know and follow me on the next stock, you can join my Facebook forum at the below link:

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