Wednesday, 18 April 2018

MBS Casino - Bet to Win

The stock market was tough for this week and 2 days ago I decided to take a break and enter the casino. I had a purpose going there and that's to win and not staying in the casino for too long. I had a strategy and a strict game plan to follow and within 30-45 minutes, I am done with my bets. I made some good $ and decided to treat myself a good dinner. I was focused on baccarat and just following the wind of a winning streak from others. I also played blackjack and it was quite smooth too although initially I was losing some small $ at first. Overall, it's a fun, relaxing and fast game in the Casino. Not sure when I will go again but there are loads of work that I need to complete.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 6 April 2018

Phillips Bacs & Russo - A Splendid Conversation

Yesterday evening was great as I got to spent some time with some vintage watch connoisseurs and collectors that I admired over the years. I only got to see them on the internet and books but never in real life and hence when I got the opportunity, I went on to ask and learn as much as I can. The watches that will be auctioned off in Geneva on May are mostly superb conditions, exceptional quality and important provenance. 

I spent my evening well to be able to know more about vintage watches and meeting my idols. Met up with some news faces and got to know some collectors during this cocktail session. I saw some watches that I really love and I am planning to bid on it while price is also a factor. But like what my friend told me, if the watch can speak to you and make you happy, just go for it. I think after working so hard, it's time to reward myself with a good watch. Looking forward for the auction.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Vacation and Holiday - A Break Before Trading Again

I just came back from one my most enjoyable trip. It's to an island where internet is virtually non existent and no one can really reach me. Been trading for many months, seen many students who joined my mirror group made quite a handsome sum like the student who made $20,000 in creative really elevated my work and gave me more confidence in giving more stocks.

This trip really taught me many things but it's also a time to slow my pace down since I am a workaholic most of the time. I learnt that there are many things, once it's lost, it's forever gone and there is no way to make it up. Also, be the best version of yourself because everyone is different and don't be too harsh on yourself. There is no way I can please everyone and so I focus only on the people who wants to succeed and make it happen. Live life with an attitude and have a character than to be Mr Everybody.

The people there takes one step at a time and lead a slow pace life which is something I am looking forward everyday but due to the nature of my work, it can be quite challenging at times. There were many stocks that ran during my trip which I learnt to let go and not chase after them because there is no way that I could catch everything and hence focus only on the things you have control of.

Tomorrow is a Monday and so it's back to trading again. Did I miss some hot action this week? Yes I did but I did my home work and I am ready for tomorrow's market action. In the coming months, I am going to get so busy with my business starting next week and trading might be virtually non existent for me but well, should I see something good, I will feed some calls and alerts.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A Rejuvenating Day - At Capella Singapore

Took a day off and enjoyed myself at Capella Singapore. It's a nice place for retreat and rejuvenate while I also worked there to scan for stocks for the week. The ambiance there is top notch and the service there is unbelievable. I had been taking breaks recently and I think as we grow older, our body is not used to be how it was last time. I get tired easily and need more rest. It was an overall good day in Capella as I can focus my work and get my job done productively. I am pleased that everyone made some good $ in Capitaland yesterday and looking forward for the next one.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Sunday, 25 February 2018

A Tranquil Evening - Work, Relax and Trade More

It was a long day at work yesterday as I conducted a rarely Saturday afternoon event for game plans for next week's market. I appreciated all the attendance and the seriousness everyone take in making $$ with so much opportunities around. During the event, I shared many wonderful trading philosophies, market outlooks, knowledge and skills so that all can prepare yourself for the battle next week. For a profitable company to sustain, trust me, as per the quote above, 85% of my company success is due to my personality and commitment skills while 100% is also due to my technical knowledge which over so many years, my business is growing bigger to larger scale now. Thank you for your support.

After work, I finished the night with a relax spa and chill out in a tranquil environment. It was quiet and I can concentrate doing my homework for Monday's selection of stocks. As I scanned and analyzed some stocks, I found a few potential ones for trading tomorrow as the Dow was up +347 points last Friday where my many blues might gap up. I enjoyed my evening in this quiet environment and looking forward to the upcoming events lined up with students in the coming weeks.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Working in Changi Airport - Terminal 4

Worked at the Changi Airport Terminal 4 the other day and oh my, the ambiance is really soothing and artful. The marble they used on the wall was really top class and the whole environment is something I would go there and work again. Not much phone calls, no disturbance and one can really relax and sit quietly to think of the next game plan. I will try plan to work more often in the airport as it's something really enjoyable and productive.

I remembered giving a sell call in DBS to lock in profits while I was flying for a holiday and I received many thank you messages where everyone made $$ which made my holiday even more fruitful. Thank you and congrats everyone. Click below to see we made $$.

Ronald K - A Game Changer