Ronald K Lifestyle

I have a penchant for fine, luxury yet simple things in life. We only live once and I will make the best of out my life and not waste time and energy on unnecessary matters. I do not conform to what others think or say about me because I believe being myself and who I am carries more weight than what others have an opinion on me.

There will be naysayers, doubters, haters, back stabbers, etc..I love them because they are my source of energy for greater things to come. Over the years, I had achieve tremendous life accolades that there is nothing more to prove but to those who only think, talk and see with no actions, I had already been to another planet. I don't know how my life will end, but I will make full use of it to help others achieving their dreams if they chose me to help them. There is nothing more I want for myself since I have gotten everything. Today my disciples and students' success is more important than mine because I have already been there. When they succeed, I collect more success.