Ronald K Calls, Alerts and Outlooks

At times, some stocks which are hibernating do catch my attention and when I see that it is going to germinate and breakout, a Whatsapp call alert will be given to all students who would want to make $$ with me. It's important not to give Whatsapp alerts frequently so that students can rely on the skills they learnt to fish rather than me keep fishing for them. It takes a lot of time and effort to give out good calls and hence I have people who are full time watching market and alerting me if they see some peculiar activity. On top of Whatsapp alerts, I do also own a private clients' forum where I will post outlooks and stocks alerts where clients can discuss and share among their peers. Since all these are private, the only way you can access it is by emailing me and I shall guide you what to do. Email me at if you are interested.